Giving Tree

Giving Tree is the philanthropic arm of tech nonprofit Broad Ripple Inc.

The projects listed here are fiscal projects of the nonprofit Giving Tree, but are intended to be community-benefit projects. If and when these projects involve businesses and profit, the profit from those business ventures listed here on this platform are going entirely back into land conservation efforts. Our goal is to grow upon our successes, but do something seldom-heard of, which is to form social mission businesses. Create democratic and equitable jobs literally saving or restoring habitat from the grassroots, by the grassroots, for the world-at-large.

That’s where you come in. Donate, volunteer and earn credits towards full member ownership through acquired apprenticeship, and collaborate with others to work on tangible, community-accountable, conservation and habitat restoration projects. Check out – The Doing Platform to Reverse Ecological Destruction for our social media companion site to this donation platform.

Donation Categories for our Projects

Be sure to check out our bookstore over at Broad Ripple Inc for titles on farming, land repair, green housing, healthy living, gardening, animals, nature, renewable energy, localism, and much more.

Won’t it be a pleasant surprise for tomorrow’s children when we’ve succeeded at far surpassing the conservation goals of saving 30% of Earth’s Wilderness?”